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20.10.2016 Top 10 reasons to visit Russia in winter

There is a popular legend, that the best time to visit Russia is summer. But it’s a myth. Be sure, there are o lot interesting things for everyone to see and experience during the winter months in Moscow, St. Petersburg and famous Russian towns and places. The winter season is truly magical and offers many unique events, tours, and exhibitions to make your visit to Russia unforgettable.

1. Winter – is the low season, so the prices are not so high. Places to visit, activities and programs are the same and sometimes are more interesting.

2. The second main reason is SNOW. Winter – is a traditional Russian season. You can fell this country well only if you see it in snow and ice. At the same time Winter is typical for Russia, it’s not a catastrophe for transport communications and other services, so your trip will be comfortable.

3. There are wonderful tour programs to showcase the majesty, beauty and culture of Moscow and St. Petersburg during the winter period from November to March. Programs are sponsored by many of the major hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg and they offer special prices during the winter months.

4. You can feel yourself Russian and take tour to the palaces and royal residences of the Tsar’s, Art Galleries, Museums and Theaters. They are calm and cozy in winter.

5. Enjoy a hearty bowl of Russian borsch and imperial Russian vodka with traditional delicious.

6. Shopping spree including the Ananov Jewelry shop and the St. Petersburg Porcelain Factory, Arbat Street in Moscow and many wonderful Moscow Plazas (winter – is a sale season).

7. Visit the Bolshoy Theater. The greatest Theater in the world is opening this October after 15 years of reconstruction! It’s a unique event for Russia and for people, who like ballet. You have the great opportunity to be one of the first lucky people, who visit the BT after many years of deep silence

8. Option: an evening of ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre including the International Mariinsky Ballet Festival.

9. Enjoy a day in a warm Russian banya (sauna) to revive the senses and relax. Or visit the Ice- Bar «Kaufman»in the centre of Moscow – the place, where all details - from walls to glasses – are «ice made». The menu contains vodka & Russian delicious.

10. Try tasty Russian pancakes with caviar during Russian pancake week. You also have an opportunity to skate on the Red Square near the Kremlin walls. To drink mulled wine. To buy fur hat «ala rusе», walking down Arbat-street. To see and touch ice-figures in the centre of city. To celebrate the famous Russian winter holidays: New Year, Christmas and Maslennitsa.

And this us not enough! You can take a train-tour to Baikal Lake (the biggest and oldest lakes in the world). The tour includes ice diving, fishing, ice safari, wooden chalet, Dog Sleddind etc.

The pure air, Russian winter nature & visa support are free of charge!

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