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Trans Siberian and Russian Train Tickets

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Trans-Siberian,Russian and Trans-Mongolian train tickets for discount prices including Russian visa support.E-mail to for details.
Moscow-Irkutsk,train #4/6/20 departure on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday
2 berth compartment: EUR 510
4 berth compartment: EUR 230
Irkutsk-Ulaan Baatar,train #4/6 departure on Saturday/Sunday/Monday
2 berth compartment:EUR 185
4 berth compartment:EUR 120
Irkutsk-Ulaan Baatar,train #362 daily departure
4 berth compartment:EUR 140
Ulaan Baatar-Beijing,train #4 departure on Sunday
2 berth compartment:EUR 330
4 berth compartment:EUR 200
Ulaan Baatar-Beijing,train #24 departure on Thursday
2 berth compartment:EUR 260
4 berth compartment:EUR 190
The whole ticket Moscow-Irkutsk-Ulaan Baatar-Beijing
2 berth compartment:EUR 970
4 berth compartment:EUR 540
Delivering of the ticket to any address in Moscow:FREE. All transfers in Moscow FREE.
Russian visa invitation:FREE
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29.10.2016 Chukotka in Moscow Area: Dogs sledding & folk show in Russia

Now it's not necessary to spend huge money to buying flight or cruise to Chukotka, not necessary to get KGB permission and have all other troubles.

The clients should just arrive Moscow and have one day tour to Round Lake (Krugloye Lake),specially in snow time of the year from November till March inclusive.

Our driver will pick up the clients from their accommodation and transfer to Round Lake which is located in 25 km to the north-west from Moscow.

The clients have dog sledding on the ice of Round Lake and nearest forest. Then they have a stop in real Chukotka house Yaranga. To know more about the tour:


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